Break Free V.I.P. - 1:1

Unlock your full potential today! Take the first step towards success and growth by enrolling in our transformative 1:1 mentoring service. Embrace the power of mentoring and experience the positive impact it can have on your life.

What you'll get:

1. Personalized Guidance:

Our 1:1 mentoring service offers you personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs and goals. We take the time to understand your unique strengths, challenges, and aspirations, ensuring a customized approach to your development journey. This personalized attention enables you to receive targeted advice and support, maximizing your potential for growth and success.

2. Expert Insights and Knowledge:

With our mentoring service, you gain access to a wealth of insights and knowledge. We have extensive experience with being counseled and sharing our life experience putting into practice and providing best practices. Whether it's skill development or navigating marriage challenges, we equip you with the tools and skills you need to excel in your chosen path.

3. Continuous Motivation and Support:

Our 1:1 mentoring service offers more than just guidance; it provides a reliable source of motivation and support throughout the journey. We're committed to empowering you offering encouragement during setbacks and celebrating successes together. This unwavering support helps you stay focused and determined, ensuring you remain on track to achieve your objectives and maintain momentum toward your desired outcome.

[ This is a mentoring service. We provide advice based on our life experience and do not claim to be professional counselors. You are acknowledging this agreement when you purchase a Break Free 1:1 Session. ]

Text for an appointment:

Danielle 770.313.0093

Russ 404.606.3627


What People Are Saying:

This service is a much-needed outlet for wives just like me - real women who are looking for an environment that offers encouragement, coaching, and an open forum approach. I left the sessions each week feeling equipped because Danielle provided a safe space, offered life-applicable resources, and gave transformative marriage advice that was based on research-proven methods.

Lauren Aponte

$97.00 USD

Before we begin the Session we will ask for your permission to record the Session. This will give you an opportunity to review and study the skills we share during the session. By participating in this conversation, you give your consent to be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. The recorded content may be used for research. Your participation is voluntary and you have the right to deny a recording and/or end the recording of the conversation at any time. The recording will be kept private at all times and will only be made public with your consent. A copy of the audio will be attached to your private account.

This agreement ("Agreement") sets forth the terms and conditions that apply to the provision of Mentoring services ("Services") by Russ & Danielle West ("Mentors") to the individual ("Client") who has requested such services.

Structure of Mentoring Services

The Mentoring services provided by the Mentors will be tailored to the individual needs of the Client. The Services may include one-on-one mentoring sessions, email support, and other communication channels agreed upon by the Mentors and Client. The Services will be provided in person or online, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Mentors and Client.

Pricing and Payment Options

The Client agrees to pay the Mentors for the Services provided at the rate of $247 per session. The Client may choose to pay for each session individually or purchase a package of 5 sessions at a discounted rate of $1,111. Payment for individual sessions must be made prior to the session, while payment for package sessions must be made in full prior to the start of the first session.

Refund Policy

If the Client is unsatisfied with the Services provided by the Mentor, the Client may request a refund within 7 days of the last session. The Mentors will refund the Client for the remaining sessions that were not utilized. The refund will be processed within 7 days of the request.

What’s Included in the Program

The Services provided by the Mentors may include guidance on achieving goals, improving personal or professional performance, and enhancing overall well-being. The Mentors may provide resources such as worksheets, assessments, and other tools to aid in the coaching process. The specific details of the Services will be agreed upon by the Mentors and Client at the start of the Mentoring engagement.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of a dispute arising from this Agreement, the Mentors and Client agree to attempt to resolve the dispute amicably. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the Mentors and Client agree to submit the dispute to mediation before taking any legal action.


The Client acknowledges that coaching is not a substitute for professional advice and that the Mentors are not responsible for the Client's decisions or actions. The Client agrees to take full responsibility for their own decisions and actions.

Every communication made by any person, professing, religious faith, seeking spiritual comfort, or seeking counseling to any protestant minister of the gospel any priest of the Roman Catholic, faith any priest of the Greek Orthodox Catholic faith, any Jewish rabbi, or any Christian or Jewish minister or similar functionary by whatever name called shall be deemed privileged. No such minister, priest, rabbi, or similar functionary shall disclose any communications made to him or her by any such person, professing, religious faith, seeking spiritual guidance, or seeking counseling, nor shall such minister, priest, rabbi, or similar functionary be competent or come to testify with reference to any such communication in any court.

The Client acknowledges that they have read and understand the terms and conditions of this Agreement and agree to be bound by them.