Break Free V.I.P.


The differentiator in our approach to Mentoring:

  1. We pull from our personal experience of struggling in marriage and have spent the last 20 years in couples counseling learning how to communicate better. We've spent over $50,000 so you don't have to. Our approach is to take the decades of lessons we learned the hard way down into days for you.
  2. You'll meet with both of us, which allows you both the husband's and wife's perspectives in your Session.
  3. Our rate is per session, not per hour. Break Free Sessions on average last appx 2 hours. When compared to a counselor's 45 min rate, our rate is appx $62/hr. (factor in you are only meeting with one person, female or male)
  4. All Sessions are confidential!
  5. See Testimonial below.

What People Are Saying:

My husband and I were disconnected when it came to how to parent our children. We were both hurting that we weren't on the same page. Our sessions with Danielle and Russ were eye opening on many levels: but mainly for me, that two things can be true (each of us have our own truth about an event). I noticed my inability to see this beforehand. Ouch! Our sessions taught us to get to the "why" of our individual triggers which stem from deeper, more painful wounds or expectations and how to communicate through that effectively together. I believe understanding more about my husbands wounds made me more empathetic and understanding as to why he does the things he does and thinks the way he thinks. No doubt, the sessions are hard...for days after it was emotional..but the truth is...aren't all things really worth doing exceptionally hard? Marriage is work and I'm grateful that Danielle and Russ helped us work on ours.

Michelle & Jorge Magana

We've met with Danielle and Russ countless times over the course of the last 3+ years. This past session was vastly different for me because it involved a deeply emotional yet necessary discussion that needed to happen. We wouldn't have been able to walk through our hopes and dreams as a couple without the wise counsel and loving care of our mentors and friends. I'm eternally grateful.

Lauren & Ed Aponte

I just wanted to pass this verse on to you and Russ. "God-lovers make the best counselors. Their words possess wisdom and are right and trustworthy." Psalms 37:30 TPT I read it last night and immediately thought of you guys. You both are definitely called to be counselors and to speak wisdom and trustworthy gems into couples. Thank you so much for obeying God's nudges to do this (Break Free Sessions) together and to find purpose through your pain. You guys are an absolute gift. I've never seen my husband open up so much and receive so much in any counseling sessions we have had before. We both are so grateful. Can't wait to meet up again!

Kindra & Craig Rains

$247.00 USD

Before we begin the Session we will ask for your permission to record the Session. This will give you an opportunity to review and study the skills we share during the session. By participating in this conversation, you give your consent to be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. The recorded content may be used for research. Your participation is voluntary and you have the right to deny a recording and/or end the recording of the conversation at any time. The recording will be kept private at all times and will only be made public with your consent. A copy of the audio will be attached to your private account.

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