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Helping couples repair marital strife to get more out of life.

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  • You're newly engaged or married and wondering if you've chosen the right mate.
  • You've just had your first baby and you're both exhausted and bickering at each other. It's not as idealistic as you had dreamed of. The busyness of this season with littles is feeling overwhelming!
  • You're an empty nester with kids off at college and you no longer recognize or feel connected to your spouse.

Our methods

There are 3 ways you can learn the Intentional Marriages framework. Which one is right for you?

Option 1

Communicate Clearly Course™ - way cheaper than a divorce!

Discover inner peace. Transform your marriage in less than 6 weeks or your money back. What's it costing you to not do anything?

Perfect for anyone who has tried "everything" and still hasn't seen improvement in their marriage.

Closed until next Cohort - 04.01.23

Option 2

Restore with a Mentor

Weekly live Video Calls. Join the community. Access to live mentoring and learning from other couples' questions, as well.

Perfect for couples who have a spouse who won't entertain counseling. Or busy couples who don't have the time to carve out an hour for counseling.

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Option 3

Break Free V.I.P.

Mentoring is provided by a Husband & Wife team. We have a 2 session framework. Break Free from the arguments - increase the peace & hope.

Perfect for couples who have been to counseling but still struggling with communication issues. 

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Learn the Framework

Take the online course to understand how the Intentional Marriages Framework can help you communicate clearly with your spouse.

Improve your Communication

No more guessing about what to say in your marriage. Using the Intentional Marriages Framework, you’ll finally have communication skills you can feel confident in.

Live a more Peaceful Life

The 5-part framework is proven to get huge results for couples who implement their new communication skills in their marriage. That means better connection and more peace for YOU and your spouse!


Join a Call

These popular videos are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join a full

step-by-step program.

Watch example of how to resolve conflict. If you follow the structured format you will break through tough conversations.


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Break addiction to negative thinking

Negative self-talk has a way of becoming sticky and hard to let go of. What if there was a simple solution?

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My husband ignores me

This classic marital impasse is all too common—a spouse seeking emotional connection from a withdrawn partner.


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Nice to meet you!

Hi, we're Russ & Danielle West. We are marriage mentors. We help couples repair marital strife to get more out of life.

More about us

Dr. Montana Halliday

I was skeptical to sign up for Intentional Marriages (Communicate Clearly Course) after believing that my husband and I had tried everything. We had done joint and individual counseling, emdr, 12-step programs, and read multiple books. We had been together 13 years and prided ourselves on our communication skills that had been falling apart. We felt powerless and that we had no hope for our marriage. It wasn't until God directed us to Intentional Marriages that we were reluctantly obedient. We are so glad that we did. Danielle and Russ have helped bring hope, love, and fun back into our marriage. The practical skills we are learning are life-changing. We also feel like they genuinely care about us. I highly recommend Intentional Marriages (Communicate Clearly Course) for anyone who wants to create a healthy marriage.

Alexandra Kennedy

This is more therapy than we've had in an hour. You all are very good. You have a calling for sure. 100%. You guys get it. We didn't realize we would get so much out of one Break Free Session. I recognized a change in how we approach difficult conversations (based on techniques we learned in the Course). there's a lot of patience and more grace. We are slow to react.

There's more seeking to understand. That alone has made the Break Free Sessions and Communicate Clearly Course) worth the investment.

Michelle Magana

My husband and I were disconnected when it came to how to parent our children. We were both hurt that we weren't on the same page. Our sessions with Danielle and Russ were eye-opening on many levels: but mainly for me, that two things can be true (each of us has our own truth about an event). I noticed my inability to see this beforehand. Ouch! Our sessions taught us to get to the "why" of our individual triggers which stem from deeper, more painful wounds or expectations, and how to communicate through that effectively together. I believe understanding more about my husband's wounds made me more empathetic and understanding as to why he does the things he does and thinks the way he thinks. No doubt, the sessions are hard. For days after it was emotional…but the truth is…aren't all things really worth doing exceptionally hard? Marriage is work and I'm grateful that Danielle and Russ helped us work on ours.

A more peaceful life

With communication skills and guidance for having a healthy marriage, you can create a more harmonious and peaceful lifestyle.

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Communication skills in your inbox

Get tips for living a more peaceful life delivered to your inbox.


We won't send spam. Unsubscribe anytime.