7 Things Couples Shouldn't Say

Communication & Conflict Resolution Secrets

Jun 26, 2023

Communication and conflict resolution secrets are ones I wish I had learned earlier in my marriage. Wonder how to recover from conflict and feel even closer? I never dreamed this would be possible but after years of counseling Russ and I have practiced communication techniques we were never taught growing up. That is not a dig on our parents...they simply taught us what their parents taught them.


I believe today's culture is more accepting of counseling and working on your relationship as a sign of EQ - Emotional Intelligence.


In 2016 Russ and I had some conflict that was one of our top 3 fights in our marriage. And yet when you hear the story you may wonder how in the world did that turn into such a bad fight; nonetheless, many feelings were hurt in the process.


It's taken many fumbled attempts to work through and practice new communication techniques. One of the key techniques to master is providing emotional safety. Research has shown the way you start a conversation is the way it most likely will end.


Watch our YouTube video post on how we worked through this conflict. After watching feel free to share the YouTube video with others!





Learn new communication skills you can immediately apply in your marriage and some harder skills (with practice) that will transform your marriage.