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Couples Counseling in Alpharetta, GA

counseling mentoring Dec 15, 2023
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You may have come across this blog because you are searching for Couples Counseling in Alpharetta, GA.

At Intentional Marriages, we are Marriage Mentors. We'd like to share how we're different from Counselors and quite effective when it comes to helping couples learn how to repair arguments more productively.

Couples counseling and marriage mentoring are both forms of relationship support, but they differ in their approaches, goals, and the professionals involved.

Here are some key distinctions:


1. Professional Background:

- Couples Counseling is typically led by licensed therapists, psychologists, or counselors who have received formal education and training in psychology or counseling.

- Marriage Mentoring: We are a husband and wife couple who have gone to couples counseling for 20 years to be intentional in our marriage. And now we share the best communication skills and tools we have practiced all these years. You're learning from a couple who is doing the work just like you are.

2. Focus:

- Couples Counseling: Primarily addresses emotional and psychological issues, such as communication problems, conflict resolution, and individual emotional well-being. Therapists may delve into past experiences and patterns to understand and address current relationship challenges.

- Marriage Mentoring: We focus on sharing experiences and providing tools for building better communication. We have a limited scope of what we address when it comes to mentoring couples. Our area is helping couples repair disagreements.

We have a two-session approach where we address what is frustrating you about your spouse. We help you see the frustrations you experience are mostly tied to your past, typically in your family of origin. In the second session, we take you through a structured repair session where you will talk through a disagreement you couldn't resolve together.


3. Structure:

- Couples Counseling: Typically involves regular sessions with a set duration, usually lasting about 50 minutes to an hour. The number of sessions varies based on the specific needs of the couple and the therapist's approach.

- Marriage Mentoring: We accomplish quite a bit in two (2) sessions. Each session typically lasts 2 hours.


4. Approach:

- Couples Counseling: Utilizes therapeutic techniques and interventions to address emotional and psychological issues. 

- Marriage Mentoring: We have gone to couples counseling ourselves for the past 20 years. We are huge supporters of counseling and believe in its benefits. The differentiator is we take the time to introduce a 6-step structured approach to teach how to repair arguments.

Another differentiator is you meet with both of us, not just a single gender, which allows us to give both the husband and wife perspective.

I understand choosing Mentoring feels different but don't take our word for our couples' testimonials below.

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Learn new communication skills you can immediately apply in your marriage and some harder skills (with practice) that will transform your marriage.