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Top 10 Etiquette Rules Visiting Family

dreams family generations Jul 03, 2023
winter gathering with extended family opening presents

Over 40 million people will have traveled to visit friends and family. Chances are you might be reading this at your parent's or in-law's house.

If you're visiting someone, what do you do to ensure you're a house guest and not a house pest?

As a house guest, here are 10 suggestions :

  1. Visit first before asking for the wifi.
  2. Bring flowers or a gift basket as a thank you.
  3. Keep your phone down over the ones you're with!
  4. Do not rummage through the refrigerator/pantry (unless you're my husband, Russ ;)
  5. Keep your belongings picked up, even if it's in your room.
  6. Ask first before bringing your pets over.
  7. Do not turn down the food you've been offered. (Guilty!)
  8. Offer to help cook or clean after meals.
  9. Try not to use multiple bathroom towels, especially over a short stay.
  10. Keep the noise level down after everyone has gone to bed.

Do you have a rule you wish your company would abide by?


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