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Why Do Purses and Cars Get So Messy?

mentorship Mar 20, 2023
Man cleaning out car with vacuum


I'm a bit of a strange bird...I'm not crazy about purses, handbags, catch-all bags, etc...I love the look of some of them but they quickly become a bag of junk. For years now I've been just toting my phone around using the back of the slipcover to hold my credit card and driver's license. Crazy you say? What about lip gloss? or Kleenex? That's what my husband's pockets are for. ;)  It's been over 5 years since I stopped using a purse.  Yes, there's been a couple of times I've taken one out and used it again but junk was like a magnet to my purse. My car seems to be the same way. A place to let go and be free. Who's going to see that I haven't taken out my 4th water bottle? Aren't purses and cars a place where I can just let things go?


I mentor a handful of women each year and one of the exercises I have them do is clean out their cars and purses. What they don't know is this exercise has nothing to do with how clean their car and purse will be. It has everything to do with allowing someone into your daily life. Would they have allowed me to look into their purses or cars before they had a chance to clean it? Mentorship is allowing someone to see the good, bad, and ugly and your willingness to let your guard down and be influenced. Our car, our purse/briefcase, more importantly, our emotional decisions and finances, are not easily visible to everyone but they certainly are when things go terribly wrong.


What happens when we let things go in this area? Allowing a mentor, life coach, or therapist into your world sooner than later is choosing accountability instead of being subjected to the consequences of doing life in isolation. It's important to seek guidance and wisdom especially when it comes to decisions like getting married, buying a house, having more children, etc...


Who are you talking to? Find someone you respect, who is a decade or so ahead of you, and learn how they got there. Be transparent and you just might find a path with fewer regrets.

Mentoring is not just for kids. Adults can benefit from mentoring. Struggling to find a mentor for yourself? Let us know and we'll be happy to help you find the right connection. Take a step toward letting your guard down.


Are you willing to be a mentor for younger women/men? Let us know and we'll help you get connected.

The image you portray lasts only for a day. The decisions you make can last for a lifetime.


Learn new communication skills you can immediately apply in your marriage and some harder skills (with practice) that will transform your marriage.