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Will Marriage Counseling Work?

counseling Sep 25, 2023
counseling session with an individual

Have you questioned if counseling is worth it? Isn't it a last-ditch effort for couples on the verge of divorce?

Research shows us that unhappy couples wait 6 years before getting help.

Guess what unhappy couples are after 6 years?

Troubled couples.

And what do troubled couples do?

They go to counseling further perpetuating the stigma of how couples end up in counseling.

Our recommendation? Go proactively! Whether it's a counselor or a mentor, please make it a priority.

We seek out personal trainers, business coaches, and financial planners but we don't seek out guidance for the most important relationship in our life.

In this blog, I wanted to explain what we do and how we differ from counselors.

Russ and I are huge believers in counseling. We've spent the life of our marriage in front of counselors for the past 22 years and yes, we have receipts.




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